"A timeless man"
Why “timeless”?

A man connected to the Eternal, who makes his life a mission, who lives and acts giving witness to human values which go beyond time. His mission, in fact, defeats time since it leaves evidences. He traces ways not only in men’s hearts but also in mankind’s history where God, and whatever comes from Him, acts behind the scenes and, often, in silence.
This is taught by many great figures, heroes, prophets, scientists, leaders and saints and also by normal people, men and women who through their simple day-to-day lives leave traces beyond time.

Leo Amici was born in Allumiere (Rome) on 7 October 1923.
He attended primary school but only up to the third year. He took part in the second world war serving in the Navy. He was a miner in France, a railwayman and a trader. He travelled extensively and continued to do good everywhere. During the 60s and 70s he lived in Civitavecchia. People came to his house from all over asking for help. Leo Amici answered all of them dispensing peace, serenity and joy.

He cured many sick people strengthening their spirit. Many of them tried to repay him with money but he replied: “You know who needs it. Once you are restored to health, are happy and love your neighbour, you have repaid me”. He held meetings open to everybody not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America. Leo Amici also rehabilitated many teenage drug-addicts.

In 1982 he started the “Little Village outside the world” (as he poetically called it) in Monte Colombo, in the hills near Rimini. His project includes a clinic, a home for abandoned children, a rest home and facilities for the socialization of youth. In 1983 he founded the Association “Dare” (Give) to provide a juridical instrument to all those volunteers who wished to help him in carrying out this work. The “Dare” Association is a non-profit organization which promotes humanitarian aims.

... “There were a lot of us and we contributed with our savings (giving up discos and entertainment) and especially with our voluntary work. We started the first roads, drainage, crops and the foundations of the project. Leo was the first one to arrive early in the morning accompanied by Maria, Daniela, Federica and Carlo. We used to eat under the ruined patio of the only existing farmhouse. Many volunteers came from different Italian cities and also from abroad: people who had known Leo Amici and wished to take part. Leo educated us in a life lived in faith and this made us strong enough to defend ourselves from the dangers of society, particularly the youngest. Whatever we were doing also used to help divided families…”

In 1985 he founded the Theatrical Company and a post-production television company, Ralac. He shot the film “A teenager’s truth”, writing the script and directing at the same time. In the same year he promoted Angela Bandini’s free-diving world record. He also made the related documentary film. In 1986 he brought to the stage the musical “Sicuramente Amici” by Carlo Tedeschi.

He died on 16 April 1986 in Monte Colombo.